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Sojourn Boutique Villas


A laid-back resort located at Siem Reap's rural fringes where the community scenes are genuine and the elements are rustically unkempt. These are not luxury offerings, but will open your eyes to life closer to the Khmer terra.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

The cuisine presented here at the open air restaurant may not be grand or fussy, but the chef, a spunky Cambodian lady who sure knows flavours and tastes, certainly dished out some of the tastiest dishes we've sampled in Siem Reap. The Origins Spa here reflects the property's bohemian style with quaint and raw treatment rooms where therapists deliver invigorating massages for the travel weary. 

Service + + +

Friendly staff convey sincerity in their welcome with smiles and an open willingness to assist guests. It's really heartening to discern that senior staff here constantly keep a close check to ensure that guests' requests are expediently executed and satisfactorily completed.

Design +

Besides 2 terrace rooms above the lobby, all the accommodations here are standalone structures with spacious interiors that are minimally furnished. The design factor of this property may not be its biggest draw but comfort and space are well afforded under these homey roofs that come replete with wi-fi, flat screen TV and in some categories, outdoor showers.

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