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Shangri-la Singapore


Much can be said of what cyclopean chandeliers and imposing murals had done for the chain but a return to the world's first Shangri-la has made it plainly obvious that the curtains are almost drawn on that epoch of glittery excess.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Shang Palace, currently helmed by top Cantonese chef Mok Kit Keung, is continually frequented by fans of dim sum and Cantonese cuisine. The Waterfall is a recently revamped dining destination proffering hearty provincial Italian delicacies like Vitello Tonnato and home made Scialatelli pasta. Origin Grill and Bar are inviting tipple and nosh outfits that gather a modish crowd.

Service + + +

Sometimes it is difficult to cater efficiently to a crowd as big as this behemoth property but one can sense that staff here try their best. However, expect nothing short exemplary service from extremely experienced and competent butlers at the Valley Wing.

Design + + +

The resplendently old world Valley Wing amply demonstrates the durability of classical elegance the chain is famed for; after over a decade since the premier wing was launched, its suites still look top notch. The Champagne Bar at its lobby dripping with crystal and upper crust refinements, including staff theatrically dressed for the part, caters to rarefied patrons more used to pronounced pampering. 

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