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Sofitel Singapore

Sentosa Resort & Spa


The first luxury resort raised in the quaint quarter of Sentosa, Sofitel Sentosa has maintained the rustic charms of a bygone era where peacocks strut carelessly and hornbills congregate in troupes. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

SO Spa is an indulgent oasis housed within a gorgeous colonial barrack surrounded by old trees and lush flora. The massage treatments are masterfully applied before one can head to The Garden for a nourishing Acai sorbet with generous portions of fruits followed by some delectable dishes one does not expect to be served at a spa outfit.

Service + +

There are no major hits here, but also no unforgivable misses. For a tropical resort, one does wish that more attentiveness can be in place, such as insect repellents at all alfresco outlets and perhaps a pool not too much inundated by noisy children.

Design + +

The lushness that envelopes this sprawling property is its best attraction even though guests today are evidently more drawn to its refurbished pool than the stillness of its grounds. The elegant colonnades that connect buildings through verdant lawns are built for wanderings with a book in hand whilst prospecting a shady spot under a tree. This resort thus remains a serene portal one can easily reach to feel away from Singapore and all its urban realities.

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