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Negombo is a seaside town some 30 minutes away from Bandaranaike International Airport which presents itself as a convenient and scenic stop-over for travelers en route to Dambulla or Kandy. Several luxury class establishments have already sprung up on its beaches over the past years and the latest to open is the freshly minted Heritance Negombo; its quirky entrance dotted with lively sculptures received its first guests just months before (in March 2016). There is a calm and lulling atmosphere at this seafront retreat which makes it a splendid location for conventions and weekend getaways for local residents. A poolside bar catering to sun drenchers greatly aids the getaway objective whilst the sizeable ballroom annex is well appointed for weddings, meetings and functions staged out of urban Colombo. As a beach resort Heritance Negombo won't be the attraction you cross half the world to check into but for flights arriving at the odd hours of the morning (ie. pretty much every airline flying into Sri Lanka), this zesty property is an outstanding alternative for any hotel its class tucked somewhere in noisy, congested Colombo.

Service: + + +

Design: + + 

Overall Distinction: + + 

Recommendation Index: ++ A pleasant stopover. From S$252

Heritance Negombo



The Heritance group of hotels in Sri Lanka are supremely good at staging buffets and the offerings here at Negombo more than pass the test. The sheer variety of cold cuts, cheeses and desserts in the spread is impressive by local and international yardsticks and the carvery, which was roast beef on our evening, was really outstanding.

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