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The British were the first to flock to Nuwara Eliya to escape the blistering heat during the colonial days. Many tea plantations and factories were subsequently carved from these highlands. Heritance Tea Factory is a highland resort converted from a disused operation with commanding views of the region. One can call the establishment quaint, with beds of roses dotting its grounds and a mini topiary garden manicured amongst other lovely blooms. There are guided tours for walks around the nearby plantation as well as bird watching in the surrounding woods. Beyond these natural excursions there are limitations to endeavours one can undertake here. One would thus do well to surrender to the elements and just revel in a spot of dawdle and breathe in the crisp country air. Photography enthusiasts should standby for dawn here at around 0545 hrs. If they are lucky, rain clouds from the night before will gather and form a most spectacular fiery sunrise.

Service: + + +

Design: + + 

Overall Distinction: + + 

Recommendation Index: ++ The highland is an attractive escape in Sri Lanka but this is an aged property with limited facilities. A picturesque escape it is, no more no less. From S$385

Heritance Tea Factory



Surrounded by tea plantations and colonial culture it is only natural that high tea is an entrenched tradition at Nuwara Eliya. The High Tea experience at Heritance Tea Factory is however a hybrid of Sri Lankan and English flavours where samosas vie with sandwiches for your attention. There is also a small spa tended by 3 lovely ladies from Bali at the property.

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