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Luang Say Residence


A patchwork of colonial style buildings set amidst glorious tropical lushness make up the Luang Say Residence, a fine boutique hotel raised close to Luang Prabang's handsome cloud covered ranges.

Gourmet & Wellness + +

Guests here have the option to dine on Laotian delights at the more casual poolside Terrasse des Colonies or indulge in continental fares at the statelier La Belle Epoque. A spa has been in the works for a while now and should be operational from 2019.

Service + +

Service here is friendly but not entirely backed up by sterling delivery. The routine aspects are well covered, but there are instances, from restaurant staff who don't exactly understand your orders to pool attendants who disappear from time to time, that constitute as shortfalls.

Design + + +

The comely French colonial style architecture here are gorgeously given the tropical treatment - honolulus on trellises and mightily lush traveller's palms, do their alluring best to obscure the beautiful buildings from view. The rooms and suites are classically furnished, some with spacious balconies that point towards the surrounding misty ranges.  

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