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Indonesia's first high-speed train connecting Jakarta and Bandung has begun operations from 1 Oct, one day later than scheduled. TNA reports from the island nation's capital Jakarta.


High Speed Connect

Indonesia’s first high-speed train linking capital Jakarta and the country’s fourth most populous city Bandung will begin operations in early October, with the aim of reducing huge economic losses  caused by severe traffic jams in both cities, among other issues.


“We hope people (will) shift from using private cars to using high speed rail, MRT, LRT... so traffic jams, pollution can be reduced. Economic losses due to jams in greater Jakarta and Bandung have reached over 100 trillion rupiah (S$8.85 billion) annually,” said President Joko Widodo after travelling on the high speed rail (HSR) on Wednesday (Sept 13). Bandung is 150km away from Jakarta by road. The commercial operations starting in October will involve eight trips during the month, with the frequency rising to 28 trips, 40 trips and 68 trips, respectively, in November, December and January, according to the government.

The move has been highly anticipated and welcomed by industry insiders as it has been a project years in the making. Before operations began, it typically takes around 3 hours to reach Bandung from Jakarta. With the high speed rail the traveling time is cut down to just under 40 minutes. Novi Samodro, general manager of Hotel Gaia Bandung shared some positive thoughts on the development.

'The high-speed train from Jakarta to Bandung is expected to bring positive changes in the tourism industry. It will enhance accessibility, boost the local economy, and open up new opportunities for tourism development. Bandung has a lot to offer, and the high-speed train will enhance access tremendously and help showcase its attractions to a wider audience, ultimately benefiting both the city and its visitors.'

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