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In the universe of the Hyatt stable the Park Hyatt brand is hoisted unto the polestar vantage, shining down on the rest in their separate constellations. Closer to earth however, we have only been truly enamoured by the singular Park Hyatt Tokyo, that is until the Jakarta property joined the orbit. There is little chance to enter and leave this spectacular hotel unimpressed because every inch of its conception and assemblage is designed to that effect. Ever so rarely for hotels, every detail etched into the floors and walls and ceilings here, from the moody panels at every lift landing to the golden details in every bathroom, were impeccably wrought to august effects. Augmented by the light and views flooding the interiors from every corner, the Park Hyatt Jakarta is exemplary in every consideration and quite simply the nova to watch in the super-class circuit.


While at Park Hyatt Jakarta
why don't you ...

  • This hotel has an impressive range of rooms and suites, and its entry level king-bedder is already 57 meters and appointed with separate powder room. The suites here, each replete with spectacular views and uber luxe accoutrements, are poised to receive magnates, celebrities and content-hungry Gen Zs.

  • The Spa at Park Hyatt Jakarta is nothing short of spectacular with impressive treatment suites designed for lingering post-massage. A host of hydro-facilities catering to all in-house guests is also the city's best, making this hotel a one-stop urban oasis irresistible to both business and leisure travelers. 

  • The restaurants here are not just magnificently raised but also proffer delectable cuisines so rare in this city. Breakfast at The Dining Room is a morning ritual not to be missed because there are always lovingly prepared delights to ignite your appetite that the chefs change from day to day. Afternoon tea at The Conservatory is a zesty affair with couture grade confections and fashionable bon bons so irresistible to the Instagram hordes. Kita is doubtlessly the restaurant du jour in Jakarta serving some of the best innovative Japanese cuisine this corner of the world in a stunning hall and private rooms that will take your breath away.

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