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A magnificent cliffside sanctum that took over a decade to raise, every detail within a Raffles Bali villa is designed to impress. One can imagine the amount of time and attention poured into the thoughtfulness of the fixtures, from the subtle physics involving the bathtub headrest to the carefully curated amenities that subtly fit the feel, this resort is definitively top notch. The butler service here is truly deserving of its Raffles pedigree and an exemplary study of how this service should be seamlessly rendered within the modern context. When enveloped within such luxurious elements, one can discern a palpable release from mundane living. The resort grounds are littered with exotic spots for intimate revelries, all meticulously staged and delivered with Raffles panache of course. Within such a dreamy escapade, the only reminder of the world outside is from the distant airport facilitating the endless landings and take-offs in bewilderingly rapid succession.


While at Raffles Bali,
why don't you ...

  • Explore the resort grounds which include hilly terrain, a 'private' beach, caves and primordial bedrocks. Mornings are usually crisp and cool for such strolls while evenings come with the promise of stunning sunsets.

  • Breakfasts are elaborate affairs at Rumari with an ala carte menu supplemented by a small but impressive spread. The wait staff is always cheerful and helpful with recommendation. The dinner service at Rumari is a gourmet odyssey conceptualised with regional flavours and classical methods in mind and not to be missed.

  • Every Raffles hotel in the region has a writer's bar and the Balinese installation is breezy yet sophisticated, much in-tune with the island milieu. A spiced cocktail or a beer here adds mirth to the tropical escape.

  • There are plenty of unique intimate spots for elaborate private dinners for 2 around the resort grounds. The beach front bale is one, and the cave is another. For larger parties and families the long table at the secluded farm terrace would be quite perfect.

  • The Raffles Spa here is small but meticulously managed, with intimate suites perfect for couples indulging in massages or individuals craving a little me-time.

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