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Maison Polanka


A charming property comprising old Cambodian wooden houses set amidst a plush oriental garden, this French conceived boutique retreat is alluringly rustic yet experientially grand.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

A small restaurant by the pool dishes out delicious regional and international recipes curated by the owner and GM of the property. With private balconies enveloped by such lush verdancy, in-room dining is a must. The small spa is attended to by local masseuses, and the 'blind massage' executed by a visually impaired therapist is really excellent.

20180630_182728 (1).jpg
Service + + +

Friendliness is the byword for staff at this property and guests are made to feel welcome at this familial resort with personalised touches aplenty, like complimentary arrival fruits served in a lacquer box and daily in-room tea. The owner's 2 family dogs, as friendly as the staff, also do their part to extend their welcome.

Design + + +

The experience of inhabiting an old Cambodian house is deeply enriching, more so when it is thoughtfully imbued with luxurious touches like the eclectically plush furnishings of the suites and rooms here. The glorious garden in its tropical splendour is certainly its chief allure - one can easily imagine light-bathed, gold-swathed apsaras dancing in its midst.

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