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Raffles Grand

d'Angkor Siem Reap


The historic Grand Hotel d'Angkor was raised in 1932 to receive guests arriving to explore the Angkor Wat in an era past. Almost 100 years since its founding, this luxury trophy on the Raffles mantelpiece still captivates with its old world charms.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Tea, a grand tradition at all Raffles hotels, is beautifully served within the plush settings of The Conservatory. Inspired royal Khmer cuisine is elegantly presented at Restaurant Le Grand and the set menu is a good induction into the royal palates of this ancient kingdom. Within the quaint confines of the charming Raffles Spa, one can find bliss through well executed Khmer massages. 

Service + +

Raffles is a serious brand when it comes to delivering exemplary service but sometimes such an orientation can be read as snooty and antiquated. For sure the gratification is highly pronounced when one is treated like the lord of the manor, no exaggeration intended, but when staff are not sure if you belong here, the burn is just as grating.

Design + +

A historic building that welcomed its first visitors in 1932, the property effuses charm and nostalgia aplenty even as the ravages of time show. The rooms, particularly the suites, are minuscule by industry standards and are ripe with the perfume of age, seeping right through the towels hanging in the bathrooms. The Cabana Suites are the hotel's plushest, with a separate living room and a patio with access to the inviting swimming pool.

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