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A tropical haven enveloped by verdant landscapes at the fringe of town, Templation's inventory of cavernous, plush suites and villas anchors itself as one of Siem Reap's true and best resort.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Besides the lobby, the restaurant and lounge constitutes the rest of the covered public spaces at the resort. Old school cocktails like gin and tonic by the bar sets the chill tempo and a recently launched menu of inspired cuisine serves up some of the best dishes we've sampled in Siem Reap. The homemade chicken nuggets were particularly elevated in taste and presentation. The artisanal beer and bar grubs served at sister restaurant Siem Reap Brewpub are also rather excellent.

Service + + +

Warm, friendly and expedient staff here exhibit the highest regard for grand service, scoring high with anticipation and delivery. Beautifully prepared breakfast boxes were effusively offered for early morning temple trips along with insightful and detailed advice on how to best enjoy the other attractions of the city.

Design + + +

The villas here are some of the biggest in town and are a complete departure from the usual heritage style establishments. Conceptually contemporary, the accommodations here are raised stark and clean, refreshingly devoid of staid references to traditional themes. Most suites and villas come with a good sized pool, private alternatives to the humongous central pool alluringly set in lushness.

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