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A heritage resort comprising old houses lifted from all corners of Malaysia, Temple Tree Langkawi is a pleasant little lodge  emanating the air of the lost kampung days. The houses here, some wooden and others bricks and cement,  all come with distinctly designed interiors, most of which may best be described as rustic without veering too far into the shabby chic genre. One particular house, The Strait House, is imbued with plusher furnishings but is only marketed as a whole unit. Given the details of age carved into the nooks and crannies of these remarkable edifices, Temple Tree Langkawi is a compelling pitch to explorers seeking a return to the nostalgic ambience of a bygone era.


While at Temple Tree Langkawi
why don't you ...

  • Linger by the main pool to while away the hours. The afternoon sun can be punishing so the best time to park yourself under the sun-shade would be after 5pm where sometimes the sunset can be deliciously fiery.

  • There is a platoon of resort cats adopted by the management here and all of them are so friendly and full of character  they are the best furry mascots ever.

  • Ask to inspect the heritage houses here if they are available. Both the exterior and interior tell the story of time, especially some of the quaint objects that are displayed so proudly.

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