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The Banjaran is probably Malaysia's best kept secret in the world of luxury hospitality. Tucked away at a magical geosphere a stone's throw off makan hotspot Ipoh, this enchanting all-villa resort is not only enveloped by acres of tropical lushness, it is also designed to tap into the natural hot springs unique to the region with onsen-like features in all the villas. There are also primordial looking caves within its grounds now reinvented as restaurants, bars and wellness spots to add to the lost world ambience of this splendid retreat. If the butterflies (especially the delightful Rajah Brooke's Birdwings) and wood realm creatures do not sufficiently charm your senses, the luxurious accents unmatched by most in the country doubtlessly will.


While at The Banjaran Ipoh
why don't you ...

  • Explore the resort grounds and walk amongst the fluttering, some crawling naturally, inhabitants of the untampered forests the resort is raised within. The network of repurposed caves is one of the geographical features of the site not to be missed

  • There are many hot spring pools offering thermal dips in the open that face the scenic geothermal lake but there are also private hot spring tubs in all the villas where one can indulge in behind closed doors.

  • The Banjaran Spa is an intimate escape from the stress of the outside world with pampering treatments that soothes both the body and the senses. The interiors here may be slightly oldish but rejoice for there are current plans to renovate in the pipeline

  • It is not everyday that one can dine of scallops and caviar in the bowels of an illuminated cave so a sitting at Jeff's Cellar is definitely recommended for the unique ambience it offers.  

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