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The Danna 泳池别墅的浮池早餐.jpg


An established presence on the resort island, The Danna is not only a luxury class beach-front abode but also a culinary address for the keen palettes  expecting more than sun sand and sea from their Langkawi escapades. The meals here are always joyful affairs, from the splendid Nasi-Lamak at breakfast to the finely attuned Italian fares at dinner. Classical refinements emanate from every corner here, with old world glam still very much ingrained, whether one is sipping cocktails at Verandah Bar or chomping on cigars in Churchill. The rooms here, raised with the usual poster beds, parquet floor and marble toilets configuration, are a tad oldish but are being slated for major overhauls very soon. Word is that the new ID blueprint will be more aligned with the contemporary style of the villas, which should make good contrast to the heavy Doric milieu here.


While at The Danna Langkawi
why don't you ...

  • Check into the ample sized Princess Villas bedecked with a huge pool, plush tropical elements and contemporary interiors. Minutes away from the restaurants with direct access to the beach, these are The Danna's most desired dwellings

  • Coincidentally or otherwise we caught the most brilliant sunset on Langkawi right here by the resort pool so do linger on slightly longer (around 630pm) to see if the sky would deign to put on another show over your stay.

  • While we had what arguably is Langkawi's best Nasi Lemak at Planter's. the fabulous Terrace serves some of Malaysia's best Italian fares that would satiate any fine-dining cravings on the island. The minestrone alone had us at our first spoonful. 

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