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Penang had a handful of comely boutique establishments, but that was quite a few years back and the island realities have vastly shifted post 2020. Nonetheless, investments mad by the owners on The Edison have paid off richly as the tastefully retrofitted interior of this handsome property is still charming and inviting after the isolation years. In the past, guests could probably benefit from better sound proofing to block out the nightly din from the beer garden next door, which thankfully seems to have gone out with the pandemic in 2023. The rooms here are big and modishly fitted, with a very nostalgic creaking from the timber flooring that with each step reminds one that one is seeking restful moments within a restored old grandee, and one of the island's finest still standing too.


While at The Edison Penang
why don't you ...

  • Explore Georgetown from the central spot of the hotel which is on a quiet lane just minutes by foot from the main arteries of Penang and Chulia Street where the tourist sights, markets and makan joints are.

  • Indulge in a sip of wine over cocktail hours at the lounge where breakfast and all-day drinks and snacks are also served complimentarily.

  • Linger by the pool, which is lushly shaded by the building and living greens and oh so inviting with its cerulean water reflecting emerald hues.

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