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Viceroy Bali offers spacious suites and villas close to the heart of Ubud yet quite far removed from its tourist-trodden realities. Smartly nestled between fields and ravines, the property seems like a world unto itself where all the accommodations are pointed towards verdant stretches and the deep blue sky. With utilitarian style villas erected one next to another, this isn't quite the kind of escape for holiday makers can simply vanish from sight but families and groups the crave the proximity to each other will find the closeness a plus. The gourmet profferings here are indeed the grandest draws of the property - the sophisticated dinner menus that follow upon spirited cocktails are tantalising to say the very least.


While at Viceroy Bali,
why don't you ...

  • Apéritif Bar serve's some of the Balinese interior's best intoxicating concoctions, with great style to boot within a billiard saloon. This is the joint for fun times and good memories in Ubud.

  • Apéritif is a culinary address of surprising sophistication in Bali. The deco is inspired by continental refinements and its menus are studied, conceptual and deftly delivered. Quite unlike anything available in Bali so thus far, a sitting here is highly recommended.

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